Grazing and Threatened Species Can Coexist

This editorial originally ran in the Wallowa County Chieftain on April 3, 2018. Greater Hells Canyon Council is working hard to find a better balance between livestock grazing on public lands and the recovery of the threatened plant Spalding's catchfly. The legal case that we filed in January regarding grazing allotments in the Hells Canyon National Recreation Area and Hells Canyon Wilderness will not stop livestock grazing in the recreation area, Wilderness, or on other public lands. We are not asking the court to halt or alter grazing activities while the case is pending; current grazing will be able to proceed uninterrupted. A favorable court decision would not remove cattle from these al

CdV's Field Notes: 10/19/18

Field Notes -- 10/19/2018 Joseph Canyon -- Nez Perce Precious Lands via Warm Springs Trail The best part was walking into the shade. Not just because it was hotter than I expected that day -- though it was; it was hot for mid-October; the heat and the fall colors jarred strangely -- but also because the ground was softer in the shade. I was about halfway down into the canyon when the steep trail twisted around a shipwreck of basalt and then, for a short time, traversed a north-facing slope. The geology shaded itself, here, and so there was more moisture: just enough for a few shrubs, a few pines, and the deeper soil that more biomass makes. I’d worn the wrong clothes -- long sleeves and wool

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