CdV's Field Notes: 2/9/19 Hick Springs Birds

Deep snow is hard on the birds. A mile north of Lostine, my mom’s buffet of thistle and corn and sunflowers seed—aswarm this time of year with finches, juncos, sparrows, doves, starlings and melodious red-winged blackbirds—has prompted two pedestrian neighbors to name her place, wishfully, “Springtime Corners.” Most mornings, a pair of flickers shows up to patiently worry the stock in my own bird feeder in Lostine proper. The juncos tumble around the flickers like disciples. There’s something magical about bird feeders: present an offering and the wild things come. That’s not the whole story, of course. I have barn owl feathers and frigate bird bones on my windowsill, and I understand that I

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