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online Fall Gala auction

2020 ONLINE Fall Gala AuctioN

thank you to everyone who participated  and showed support for our work.

Every year, we aim to make our annual GHCC Gala a fun, memorable evening to celebrate these amazing wild places that inspire us all.


In 2020, under the weight of the COVID-19 pandemic, the volunteer Gala Committee resiliently responded by creating GHCC's first online Gala. Volunteer Gala coordinator Emelie Montgomery-Jones led the committee in holding a 5-day auction and a river trip raffle, despite the challenges of a high learning curve an all-new online technology platform.

GHCC supporters responded with an unexpected and unparalleled generosity, and succeeded in not only meeting but exceeding the fundraising goals for the event. 

In a follow-up and parallel Gala event, a 2021 calendar featuring past featured Gala artwork was created by volunteer Jennifer Schemm  and the Gala committee as an artistically acclaimed and very successful fundraising tool.

congratulations to all of our winning bidders.

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