iNaturalist NE Oregon Beaver Survey

Do you have aspirations to be a scientist?


Join our Northeast Oregon beaver survey crew!

This is a great activity to inspire young scientists and those who want to help regional ecologists and land managers document beaver activity and their importance for restoration.

It's also a great summer activity while social distancing in the spectacular Greater Hells Canyon Region.

How to join!

  • Head over to here

  • Sign up for an account

  • Go explore northeast Oregon (safely)!

  • If you catch a glimpse of a beaver or a beaver-chewed tree, take a careful look, and snap a couple of photos.

  • Head over to (or download the iNaturalist app on your mobile device),

  • Go to the "Community" tab and select "Projects"

  • Type in NE Oregon Beaver Survey

  • Click on "Add observation" and post your picture to the NE Oregon Beaver Survey project.


Why is your help important?

The American Beaver is hands-down the best restoration partner in the West—storing water, slowing floods and fires, and creating habitat for everything from butterflies to moose to salmon to ducks. 


More beavers on the landscape would be a huge boost for biodiversity and climate resilience, but our local land and water managers need to better understand what’s limiting their establishment and survival.


Is trapping the problem?

Poor habitat?

Where are beavers setting up shop and thriving and where are they mysteriously missing?


To help answer these questions, GHCC is partnering with beaver enthusiasts in several agencies this summer to put beavers on the map—and we need your help! 


With your help, GHCC and our partners will provide the data that local managers need to prioritize this superstar ecosystem engineer.

iNaturalist has citizen science projects you can participate in where ever you live. It provides unique data for science projects around the world and is great for kids of all ages!

Beavers and Wildfire: a stop-motion story by Emily Fairfax

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