Hells Canyon Preservation Council Upcoming Events

Thank you to everyone who helped make this HCPC Gala the best one ever!

HCPC Office Open House  Thursday December 12th
5:30 pm - 9:ish!
Join us for some holiday cheer at our office - snacks and drinks provided!
We'll have door prizes, notecards for sale (great holiday gifts), maps everywhere, and a chance to get your questions answered by our program staff!

Our office is located on the third floor of the Sac Annex building:
107 Fir St. Suite # 327     La Grande, OR  97850

Become a Wildlife Watcher Volunteer!

Join us in the forests of NE Oregon to monitor rare and rarely seen wildlife. 
HCPC has a volunteer driven wildlife monitoring project using trailcams.

Where: Blue Mountains and Elkhorns.

Why: Our chief goal of this project is confirming the presence of rare wildlife, such as the American marten (aka “pine marten”).  Marten are small forest carnivores and members of the weasel family.  While we hope to capture all varieties of wildlife, we are currently focusing on marten because as a "Management Indicator Species" for our region they represent species associated with old growth and mature forest habitats.  Confirming the presence of species like marten can inform land management decisions that affect the lands our wildlife depend upon and help prevent further habitat fragmentation.  We have been collaborating with state and federal agency wildlife experts on how to make our monitoring efforts successful and hope you will come join us for a fun day in the forest!

How: Contact Brian Kelly, HCPC's Restoration Coordinator, at brian@hellscanyon.org or 541-963-3950 ext. 4

541.963.3950PO Box 2768
La Grande, Oregon 97850