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Earth Day Oregon 2023

Join GHCC and our supporting business partners to make collective generosity and action the tradition in Oregon on April 22, every year.


We are proud to be a nonprofit partner for Earth Day Oregon, an annual event that brings attention and donations on April 22 to Oregon nonprofits who are creating a more just, livable, and sustainable world. We've partnered with five Oregon businesses for this year's celebration. Please join us and our partners this Earth Day to support GHCC and the many other nonprofits in Oregon that are making a critical impact to change our world for the better.

Earth Day 2023 Partners

CNOC Outdoors
2021-05-13-Cnoc-Deschutes-191-2 (1).jpg

Photo courtesy of CNOC Outdoors.

We've partnered up with CNOC Outdoors, a business sponsor of GHCC and the Blue Mountains Trail, to help amplify our work this Earth Day.


CNOC was born of the Scottish Highlands, after it's founder Gilad Nachmani broke his last pair of commercially-made trekking poles and envisioned improving the design himself. From water bottles to food bags and so much more, CNOC is a trusted leader in ultralight backpacking essentials. 

CNOC will be donating 10% of sales from all kits on their site during the week of April 15-22. Check out what CNOC Outdoors has to offer for your next adventure. 

Six Moon Designs

Photo courtesy of Six Moon Designs.

Six Moon Designs strives to take the 'burden' out of backpacking, with their line of ultra-light gear. We are grateful to receive their generous financial support this year. 


Six Moon founder Ron Moak has been hooked on backpacking since he and his wife first hit the Appalachian Trail in '77. Today Six Moon Designs focuses on making hiking gear that is lightweight, high quality and affordable. 


To celebrate Earth Day Six Moon Designs is offering 20% off on all Shelters, Backpacks, and Umbrellas. 

The sale runs from April 21st-23rd on their website

Evermine Labels
BMT Stickers - GHCC -2.jpg

Evermine Labels has been a long time sponsor of GHCC by donating both custom printing and generous financial support. Last year Evermine relocated their operations to La Grande, OR. We're glad to have them as a close neighbor and can vouch for their top-quality printing services. 

Save 20% on your first order with Evermine Labels by subscribing here

Brightworks Sustainability

Photo courtesy of Brightworks Sustainability.

Brightworks pic.jpg

GHCC is grateful to receive generous financial support this year from Brightworks Sustainability.


Brightworks is a sustainability consulting firm, which has been an important and innovative industry leader since 2001. Check out their extensive list of services here.

Quickhatch Provisions

Photo courtesy of Quickhatch Provisions.

We are thrilled to introduce Quickhatch Provisions as a partner and financial supporter of GHCC, this Earth Day. 

Quickhatch Provisions is a new, outdoor outfitter, opening for business in Joseph, OR this spring. Quickhatch will be offering clothing, gear, and supplies for backpacking, hiking, biking, snowshoeing, as well as backcountry and Nordic skiing. 


Please join is in celebrating Quickhatch Provisions' opening day on April 29th at noon! Check out event details here.

Earth Day Oregon Business Partners

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