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The True Story of how HCPC got its Name

I support HCPC because I am so fortunate. I was present at the Creation. I hope you’ll enjoy this true story of “How HCPC was born and How it got its name,” told in six short chapters:

The Setting: 100 square miles of desert in South Central Idaho, dotted with nuclear test reactors. Every day a convoy of government buses arrives from Idaho Falls, 50 miles away, transporting employees to th e Nuclear Reactor Testing Site. Their job is to prove that nuclear power is a safe source of domestic power.

Characters: The good guys: a group of young nuclear physicists, including my husband, Jack, drawn from all over the U.S. by the beautiful mountains and wide open spaces.

The bad guys: Idaho Power officials.

Chapter One:

Because of high radioactivity, Jack’s group often had to wait 4 or 5 weeks between tests, sitting at their desks, sometimes reading government nuclear bulletins, mostly reading Sierra Club journals, growing tree-sized tomato plants, and pouring over topographical maps to plan their weekend hikes. Let’s call them the Happy Hikers, a half dozen good friends.

Chapter Two: