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Blue Mountains Trail Spring 2022 Update

It's time to start planning a 2022 hike on the Blue Mountains Trail. We recently published the season's updated hiking maps and databook, available upon request. More updates, including upcoming workshops in Sumpter and La Grande happening this month are included below.

Pip Redding.

Hi, my name is Pip Redding. I’m excited to announce my return to GHCC as the 2022 BMT Trail Coordinator! I’ve already met quite a few of you on the trails or around town in Wallowa County, but I can’t wait to meet even more of our amazing supporters.

My professional experience includes years with the Forest Service maintaining trails and fighting fire in the Wallowa-Whitman National Forest and elsewhere. As a long-distance hiker, I hope to bring a valuable perspective to the development of the BMT as a premier long-distant route through Northeast Oregon.

This year I am helping trail users plan their hikes. I am also working personally with local volunteer organizations and the Forest Service to improve the BMT, refine the route, and grow our own network of trail stewards. Please reach out to me for any Blue Mountains Trail information, maps, and logistics for your outing. My email address is

2022 Hiking Maps and Databook

The 2022 hiking maps and databook for the Blue Mountains Trail are now available. If you are interested in hiking parts or all of the trail this year, please email me.

Whitney "Allgood" La Ruffa on the 2019 groundtruthing hike of the BMT. Photo by Mike Unger.

The hiking maps are produced using CalTopo. The trail is split up into 7 sections, generally between resupply points, with a linked map for each section. Printed maps are still being finalized as of the date this is published, but these will be finished soon and also available to download for anyone who requests them and completes a short waiver.

upcoming community engagement workshops

We want the story of the BMT to be shaped by the people and places it connects. That’s why we are hosting free community engagement workshops in the towns along the Blue Mountains Trail. Planned workshop dates are coming up soon in Sumpter and La Grande. We hope to see you there!

Volunteer opportunities

We're gearing up with our partners at Wallowa Mountains Hells Canyon Trail Association, the Blues Crew, and the U.S. Forest Service to tackle trail work connected to the Blue Mountains Trail on the Wallowa-Whitman, Umatilla and Malheur national forests. Expect to see information about specific outings if you’re signed up to receive BMT updates. Trail maintenance is a mix of fun, hard work, and great views. Please email me to join our volunteer list. We also share trail work parties from our partners on the other incredible wilderness trails across the region.

Voluntourism with Go Wild: American Adventures - June 17-21

Are you interested in volunteering for trail work, but also want some top-notch luxury in camp? We've teamed up to support an expedition with Go Wild: American Adventures and the Wallowa Mountains Hells Canyon Trail Association that combines a guided expedition with trail work on the Little Minam River. I will be leading the trail work on behalf of WMHCTA. Sign up today before it's sold out, and you can get a 20% discount by emailing Go Wild's owner, Dan Sizer, at

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