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Why it is so important that we protect biodiversity

We need big bold visions to address climate change and biodiversity loss.

The bad news is that these two rapidly accelerating processes power each other. Climate change leads to loss of biodiversity which in turn leads to ecosystems that are less resilient to climate change. The good news is that if we address biodiversity loss it will help with the climate issue and vice versa.

A recent collaboration between NatureServe ​​Esri, The Nature Conservancy, Microsoft's AI for Earth program and others has created a “Map of Biodiversity Importance.” This is the most precise modeling conducted to date and shows new and different patterns for what areas matter most for imperiled species in the US and could be a powerful tool to slowing mass extinction and biodiversity loss.

This map by shows the biodiversity importance of U.S. lands.
This map by shows the biodiversity importance of U.S. lands.

Past maps have focused on vertebrates and have been too coarse for use in a lot of policy discussions. This recent effort looked at imperiled species of all kinds including plants, birds, insects, animals, and amphibians and then used a rigorous process to weight species depending on size of their range and other factors. They then layered protected