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Who Said Conservationists Can't Be Adorable?

How do you restore native plants and have fun at the same time? By playing in the mud, of course! At recent event to restore native plants in the Grande Ronde Valley, students from Oak Haven School created “seed balls” of native plants and then threw them out to sprout in the spring rains. The students were helping with an ongoing project to restore the native plant community at the edge of La Grande in Gangloff Park. The William Cusick Chapter of the Native Plant Society of Oregon coordinates the restoration efforts in the park, and botanist Susan Geer directed the students as they created the seed balls and planted them.

The nine young students were assisted by parents, grandparents, and volunteers from GHCC. Restoration Director Brian Kelly worked with Dr. Ruth Davenport of Oak Haven School and Susan Geer of the Native Plant Society to coordinate the event.

We look forward to seeing the native plant seeds sprout and grow!

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